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Auto Glass Specialists

The specialist auto glass that will get all your vehicle’s glass issues solved with our craftmanship and reasonable price.

Auto Glass Specialist

We are Puchong Sunway, the auto glass specialist based in Malaysia. We know your love for swanky cars and fast automobiles. We also realize the need for experts in replacing and repairing car windscreen and more. Hence, we have taken up this job to ensure you get nothing less! Our panache for quality makes us the best name in the business. If your windscreen has become fuzzy or has developed cracks, call us. We know the best ways to fix the same in no time.

Autoglass Specialist
Pakar Cermin Kereta Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Specialists

Why Choose Us

As a car windscreen specialist, we are one of a kind thanks to the services we offer. Our work is thorough because of our experienced autoglass specialists. You can call our experts at any time and get any of our services.

Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Car Windscreen Specialist

Car Windscreen Specialists

We are the car windshield specialists that get your windshield problems fixed in no time, no matter it’s a cracked or fuzzy windshield or you need to total replacement.

DOMO Tint Solar Film

DOMO Tint Solar Film

We have windscreen that are attached with DOMO Tint solar film tinted ready to be install on to your vehicle. Keeping you cool and comfortable even during a hot day.

Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Insurance Claims

Fast & Easy Insurance Claim

We are insurance claim centre for windscreen replacement and repair with more than 13 years experience. Claim for your windshield or tint on the glass.

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Pakar Cermin Kereta

Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Specialist ialah Pakar Cermin Kereta di Puchong yang mempunyai kepakaran dalam bidang ini selama lebih 13 tahun. Kami menawarkan pelbagai perkhidmatan untuk keperluan cermin kereta anda, termasuklah proses baik pulih atau penggantian cermin kenderaan anda. Bukan itu sahaja, Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Specialist juga menyediakan perkhidmatan tuntutan insurans untuk pelbagai servis berkaitan cermin kereta. Selain itu, perkhidmatan pemasangan cermin gelap (“tinted film”) juga termasuk dalam kategori servis oleh Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Specialist. Sila hubungi kami jika anda ada sebarang pertanyaan.


Mengapa Anda perlu memilih kami?
● Kami adalah PAKAR dalam bidang Cermin Kereta di Puchong
● Tuntutan Insurans bagi servis Tukar Cermin Kereta disediakan
● Jaminan Kualiti dari aspek Servis & Produk dengan harga yang berpatutan
● Stok yang mencukupi – servis dapat dilaksanakan dengan mudah dan cepat
● Jaminan 24 Bulan bagi pemasangan cermin kereta