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Insurance Claims

Want to get your auto glass insurance claims? Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Specialists offer insurance claim services for all major insurance in Malaysia. Just drop by here to get your windsheild insurance claim today!

Claims For All Insurances

At Puchong Sunway, we take care of all of your windscreen repair and replacement problems. Our services have been the top choice of Malaysians for quite some time now. Also, the fact that we specialize in handling windscreen insurance claims makes us even closer to our patrons’ hearts. While claiming these insurance policies, you will not have to worry much since our representatives will give a perfect response. We ensure there is no delay in processing the claims, and this can be a real lifesaver. Feel free to consult with our representatives to get the best windscreen insurance claims from Puchong Sunway.

Windshield Insurance Claim

Catering to the patrons for a long time in this industry, we from Puchong Sunway have come a long way. We take care of helping you get the windshield insurance claims as soon as possible. This is an add-on coverage to cover the front and back windscreens and even the sunroof glass window. You will have to spend some time checking your insurance coverage. Also, ensure that there is a comprehensive cover or a third party cover. As you are aware, these policies vary from each other, and so do their benefits.

Broken Car Window Insurance Claim

Your auto glass or window glass may indeed have got hit by a stone flying from somewhere. Also, there are cases of broken window panes that also need repair or replacement. Our broken car window insurance claim service will cover everything from slight dents on your sports car to the old vintage car. We will check out options for you to choose and use as per your budget and premium. This broken car window insurance claim service can help you in the long run and can give you the most effective returns when there is a need. With age, a car may need replacements. Here, Puchong Sunway comes to your help. 

Windscreen Insurance Claims

While you may be taking care of your car, it is entirely unsure when your vehicle may need a repair. Here, you need to consult with our specialist at Puchong Sunway. The windscreen insurance claims are going to entirely or partially take care of your expenses. We will also offer you the best deals and with the most appropriate premiums or rates. There are also ways to blend the windscreen insurance claims on policies with the best features as per your wish.

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Tukar Cermin Kereta Claim Insurans

Jika cermin kenderaan anda mengalami kerosakan, pecah, ataupun retak, Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Specialist (PSAG) sedia membantu. Anda boleh membaiki kenderaan anda tanpa membayar dari poket sendiri! Caranya ialah dengan menggunakan insurans kenderaan anda. Kami boleh memudahkan proses claim (tuntutan) insurans serta membaiki kenderaan anda secepat mungkin. Pihak PSAG akan berurusan serta menyelesaikan bersama pihak insurans sebaik yang mungkin. Kami meliputi hampir semua pihak insurans di Malaysia. Sekiranya anda mempunyai pertanyaan lanjut atau memerlukan bantuan, sila hubungi Puchong Sunway Auto Glass Specialist.

Berikut merupakan dokumen penting bagi urusan tukar cermin kereta claim insurans:
● Salinan Polisi Insurans (Cover Note)
● Salinan Kad Pendaftaran Kenderaan (depan & belakang)
● Salinan Kad Lesen Memandu (yang sah)
● Salinan Kad Pengenalan pemilik kenderaan
● Report Polis (jika perlu)
● Borang Syarikat 9 (utk kenderaan majikan)
● Cop Syarikat (utk kenderaan majikan)